Collect Sparkles with every purchase made
exclusively at Park Towers Supermarkets. For every
€1 spent you will collect 2 Sparkles. Once you have
collected 100 Sparkles you will be awarded 1 Star



2 sparkles

100 sparkles


1 star

The Gold and Platinum card holders
enjoy added benefits such as birthday
gift vouchers and personalised offers

Terms & Conditions

Card remains the property of S. Borg & Sons Ltd., operators of Park Towers Supermarkets.
Client may lose status of Silver, Gold or Platinum according to performance.
Cut off date of the first card issued will be 31/12/2017 from then on cards will have a
duration of 12 months starting from 1/1/2018 to 31/12/2018.
Cashback values not used by the month after which these were gained will be automatically lost