Collect Sparkles with every purchase made
exclusively at Park Towers Supermarkets. For every
€1 spent you will collect 2 Sparkles. Once you have
collected 100 Sparkles you will be awarded 1 Star



2 sparkles

100 sparkles


1 star

With every Star gained you come closer to becoming
a holder of one of our exclusive loyalty cards, ranging
from Silver, Gold and Platinum. The higher your status
the more exclusive the prizes and benefits become
including the chance of obtaining one of these
fantastic Apple products below, in monthly draws.

Welcome card

Win 1 from 6
iPad mini 2 /month

Silver card

Win 1 from3 iPhone SE /month No online shopping fees

Gold card

Win 1 from2 iPad Air 2 /month No online shopping fees €25 birthday voucher Personalised offers

platinum card

Win 1 from 1 iPad Pro /month No online shopping fees €50 birthday voucher Personalised offers

The Gold and Platinum card holders
enjoy added benefits such as birthday
gift vouchers and personalised offers

Terms & Conditions

Card remains the property of S. Borg & Sons Ltd., operators of Park Towers Supermarkets.
Client may lose status of Silver, Gold or Platinum according to performance.
Cut off date of the first card issued will be 31/12/2017 from then on cards will have a
duration of 12 months starting from 1/1/2018 to 31/12/2018.
Cashback values not used by the month after which these were gained will be automatically lost